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Motion capture can record the movements of...

Where is Motion Capture used today?

The movie "Avatar" used Motion Capture technology to realistically animate the Na'Vi people:

In which Pixar movie was Motion Capture used last

The tiny balls attached to motion capture suits serve as markers. Which property allows them to be tracked?

You need more than 1 camera to do Motion Capture

The professional motion capture systems often used in industry have what special property? 

Motion Capture is limited to recording only human subjects:

What is NOT a technology for capturing motion

Real-time streams of motion capture data is commonly used for:

Motion Capture is limited to specific laboratory settings

When were the earliest attempts at Motion Capture being made?

You always have to capture all performers separately.

Motion Capture services an access are available to anyone on campus through the Library?

Motion Capture is going to replace keyframe animation in the future

Which of the following would NOT be practical to capture using motion capture?

Often the purpose of Motion Capture is to record the physical appearance of the actor.

Motion Capture started with the entertainment industry wanting to make more realistic animated movies:

The only meaningful way to record motions are optical systems like the Kinect or Vicon