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Anticipated use (not scored)

Experience with 3D Printing (not scored)
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1. The Cube software is used to?

2. What tool do you use to resize a part?

3. What tool is used to fix minor imperfections?

4. Which step creates the cube file?

5. How do I get the 3D model to the Printer?

6. Where do I go to select unit of measurement?

7. What is the likely problem if I can't see my model after importing it?

8. How do I determine how much time is required to 3D print my part?

9. Hollow, strong, and Solid are all examples of what?

10. What file type is compatible with the cube software?

11. Supports may be required for parts that contain what?

12. Parts with a small base may require?

13. What material(s) are acceptable for use on the MLibrary Cubes?

14. What is used to ensure your part sticks to the build plate?

15. Which of the following could cause the printer to fail?

16. Once a print begins it is ok to remove your flash drive.

17. After you are finished printing you should...

18. When unloading material, when should I pull out he filament?

19. When should I check z-depth and the print plate for level?

20. What is the proper distance for z-depth?

21. After I pass the knowledge test, what is required before I can use a Cube 3D Printer?

22. When are keys returned?

23. When do I remove my parts and material from the Cube?

24. Who is responsible for safeguarding my parts and materials?

25. What is liely to happen if my build runs over time?