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FDM is commonly used to describe:

What is a common material type for 3D Printers

What is needed to 3D print an object?

Which materials have been used to 3D print objects?

Where has 3D printing NOT been used?

What 3D Printing technologies can print models with full color?

What type of 3D printing uses a liquid as the material?

What makes a machine a 3D Printer?

Which technology is an example of a 3D printer?

For 3D Printing, where can the 3D design come from?

Where can 3D printers often be found?

How does a 3D printer build an object?

True or False, University of Michigan Library has open access 3D printing.

What type of 3D Printing technology uses layers of paper?

Which type of 3D printing mainly uses metal as a material?

What type of file do you need for most 3D printers?

How long does it take for a part to be 3D printed?

Which movie heavily used 3D printing as part of their production?

When was 3D printing first developed?

Which conditions must be met before I can use the MLibrary Open Access 3D Printers?